Southwest Airlines

Vending Trucks

Brief Program Overview

Southwest Airlines promoted their new credit card with a smart, eye-catching, and attention grabbing promotional strategy. Traveling across the U.S., the airline's truck stopped at various locations boldly displaying a 75" exterior TV on the roof, showcasing advertisements relevant to the brand.

The breakthrough addition to this truck was a custom conveyor belt which was installed on the trucks exterior to give the illusion of a baggage claim station. The audience was asked to complete a "fake swipe" on the faux credit card display, and randomly selected members of the group would win a prize, exiting through the mobile conveyor belt.

Vending Trucks Inc. was excited to take on the venture of our first mobile conveyor build. Our Fabrication department spent hours ensuring the functionality was up to par and represented the brand well. The Graphic Design and Print Engineering department created and installed a roof wrap, while our IT team tested the 72" exterior TV to promise an optimal effect.

Custom Truck Features

  • Custom Conveyor Belt
  • LED Rooftop Screen
  • 75" Exterior TV
  • Graphic Vinyl Roof Wrap
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