Kate Spade

Vending Trucks

Brief Program Overview

This doughnut themed Kate Spade vehicle was an exemplary mobile boutique. The product sampling truck was used to promote a new line of doughnut shaped products by this iconic fashion designer.

Always pushing the limits of creativity, the designers opted to have a giant, bright pink doughnut mounted onto the roof. The eccentric structural art was the perfect conversation piece to increase the magnetism of the marketing strategy.

Along with the eye-catching statement structure, a 6' glass display case was built into the side of the vehicle, above the serving window. The window had the best-selling products on the forefront to attract target audiences and increase appeal. To the left of the display, a 42" HD TV was installed to showcase the company's various Social Media platforms.

The graphic vinyl wrap incorporated hot pink doughnuts, contrasting with a neon yellow backdrop. An array of fun and eccentric graphic art covered the area below the display case. The contemporary design was perfect for gaining media attention and turning heads on a hot summer day in New York City.

Custom Truck Features

  • Exterior Glass Display Case
  • 42" Flat Screen TV
  • Custom Roof Structural Art
  • Exterior Graphic Vinyl Wrap
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