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Food Truck Advertising - No Ordinary Mobile Billboard

Traditional mobile billboards feature a static sign advertisement or even worse, shared space. Now more than ever it is vital for any business in the market to set themselves apart. It is lucrative for brands to keep in the forefront of consumers' minds. Utilizing food trucks for experiential marketing/ promotional purposes is an interactive and unique way to bring your message to the streets and spread brand awareness. To put it simply, food truck rentals are the perfect turnkey marketing solution.

Fully wrapped promotional food truck rentals is the new interactive and unique way to prominently market and advertise your company, brand or product while creating an everlasting experience with your target consumers. Food trucks make it possible for brands, marketing companies, and restaurant chains, nationwide, to bring its product(s) to the people. It allows brands and businesses to directly interact with potential consumers and deliver product samples. It is especially ideal for major events or festivals.

"Mobile Marketing Tours have an incredible ROI because they create this intimate experience with your customers. It provides the opportunity for your customers to see the product and most importantly, mobile marketing tours are a way for you to stand out."

Food Truck Rentals - Advertising With A Kick

At Vending Trucks, we specialize in the design and fabrication of food trucks and mobile kitchens. All of our food trucks are built to be fully functional mobile kitchens and are equipped with brand new, high-quality kitchen equipment and warranties. Having a wide selection of food trucks in stock, that have completed or nearly completed mobile kitchens, enables us to have the quickest turn-around time in the industry.

We have food trucks, catering trucks, sampling and ice cream trucks available for all your promotional and marketing needs. Our vending trucks can be outfitted to serve any item you wish; prepared foods, such as coffee and ice cream, to media related promotional items and accessories.

Add an exterior vinyl wrap to your food truck rental and you have a creative custom design perfect for advertising and marketing your company's brand, logo, or product. With each truck being fully wrapped in your brand or logo, the promotion never ends! The rented food truck will be noticed while parked at your location and while traveling to and from experiential marketing events.

Here at Vending Trucks Inc. we will walk you through the best solutions to serve your desired demographics. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is ready to assist. Contact us to get a new unique food truck rental campaign started today.

Let's make something great together!
We have built fully customized food trucks, concession trailers, and mobile kitchens for clients ranging from small businesses and individual entrepreneurs, to Fortune 500 Companies.