What Can Vending Trucks Do For Me?

Vending Trucks

Why Vending Trucks?

We all know that TV advertisements don't work anymore. So what are you, as a vendor, supposed to these days to find a new audience? With the inundation of print and digital media advertising bombarding your senses from all sides, you start to tune it out, as do your potential customers.

The answer is experiential advertising. People love to be hands on with products and demos. They want to be informed and taught about your product by professional and charming brand ambassadors. They want to see something real - and you can't get more real than a beautifully designed vending truck, giving out real product samples and dosing out some real knowledge on the subject.

"But Vending Trucks Inc, how am I supposed to accomplish that?"

Well, you're in luck because we offer a full suite of marketing solutions to create a personal and cozy demo space for your products. From our turnkey leasing options to our event staffing capabilities we aim to be a one-stop shop for your experiential marketing experience.

Just some of the custom features our vending trucks offer are:

- Awnings to create an intimate space for your brand ambassadors to engage customers
- Misting systems to cool down the crowd in hot places like music festivals and the concrete jungle on hot summer days
- Large flat screen TVs & sound systems to play clips or display info graphs, or just get the party started with groovy dance music
- Our Digital Media package, which includes a WiFi hotspot and camera placements so that you can live stream your event and demos to the web, or generate leads by allowing people to sign up to your mailing list at the event
- Large scale digital printing so that you can have your brand, logo, or designs displayed loud & proud on your truck
- Security awnings so that you can protect your investment
- 'Special Requests' are both accepted and encouraged!

Our staffing capabilities are unparalleled in their service and support of your event and products.

We can provide drivers that are fully trained in operating your vending truck. They have experience driving large trucks and are there to troubleshoot any issues you may have with the systems or equipment you have installed in your truck. They will gladly assist your team with setting up and executing the event. We also provide transport services for your vending truck - delivering and picking it up from any location across the country.

If you need brand ambassadors Vending Trucks has got you covered as well. Our staffers are ready to become experts in your product, as well as perform market research to better serve your experiential marketing needs. They live by a simple credo. Be passionate, be informed, and be real. With that as their mantra they will become your personal product guru.

Lastly, if you require someone to make and serve food, we have professional food handlers that are certified in all food safety practices for storing, preparing, or serving any cold or hot food item! Remember that we're here to make your experiential marketing event go as smoothly and easily as possible. Let our friendly faces be yours.

Over the years we've provided mobile marketing solutions for businesses large and small.

For MLB & TWC we created six trucks with identical exteriors. The trucks were then custom tailored to each region's cuisine and culture on the inside, allowing them to target their fan base much more effectively.

That's just some of the ways Vending Trucks Inc. can work with you and for you. We can work with any size project or any size budget, so please, consider Vending Trucks for your next marketing event and make a big impact!

Let's make something great together!
We have built fully customized food trucks, concession trailers, and mobile kitchens for clients ranging from small businesses and individual entrepreneurs, to Fortune 500 Companies.