Entrepreneurs Easily Find Their Niche With A Mobile Business

Custom built trucks aren't just for food truckers anymore

A new wave of entrepreneurs are utilizing trucks to bring their ideas directly to their audience, and they couldn't be happier. Who doesn't like convenience and simplicity with a dash of pizzazz? Mobile business is hot, and here's a few examples of entrepreneurs that are truly using trucks to their maximum potential.

I recently read an interesting article about a brewery in Oregon that turned a cargo van into a mobile brew pub - allowing them to set up shop at many of the local festivals and events in their area quickly and easily. That's not even mentioning the appeal of such a novel concept - who wouldn't want to sit down and have a beer at such a unique pub and have a chat with the owners about how they came up with such a neat concept?

The 'Brew-Mobile'

The owners of the 'brew-mobile' flexed some creative muscles when they designed this truck.

They installed 4 taps into the side of the vehicle, with each connected to its own keg. The truck was then complimented by a fantastic wrap job that proudly displayed the company logo - Silver Moon - as well as the name of each beer right above the respective tap. The most innovative solution, though, has to be the collapsible bar that can be neatly packed away and stored in the truck when in transit, and can be set up quickly and easily. They even had it wrapped to look like a real wooden bar! To complete the ambiance they added outdoor speakers to the vehicles' exterior, and installed a retractable awning to give the bar some shade.

The article mentioned another company, TVS Communication Solutions, which also adopted a creative approach to mobility. They turned to custom fabricated trucks to create a mobile video production center. By installing multiple monitors, computers, and the other necessary equipment for video production they were able to provide completed content on-site at a much faster pace than competitors, giving them the edge. The trucks also provided enough space to neatly and comfortably stow all the cameras and cables they would be setting up to capture the event.

Today's business landscape is all about bringing your product or service to where your customers are.

People are so used to the internet allowing them to shop on their terms and on their time. Being beholden to a single physical location has become a hindrance, rather than the boon it used to be. After all, if people know where to find you, they'll only go there when they think you can fulfill their needs. Business owners today need to be smart and savvy enough to realize that you need to go where they are and show them you can fill needs they didn't even know they had.

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