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Food Truck Advertising

It is becoming more and more common for companies and brands to utilize food trucks as a type of marketing and advertising tactic. Food trucks are a creative way to promote your brand or product to your targeted demographic, or a large mass of people. Add the right graphic vinyl wrap to the exterior of your food truck and it will act as a mobile billboard! Your food truck will be eye catching to and from any promotion, spreading brand awareness and driving publicity to further promote your company, brand, or product. Customize a food truck for sampling and merchandise promotions or launch a new product line. Whatever the occasion may be, food trucks allow you to create an intimate experience and to drive engagement with your target consumers, building brand loyalty.

Cross Country Mobile Marketing Tour

Cross Country Mobile Marketing Tour

Whether it's a one day campaign or a cross country mobile tour, we are ready and capable to equip you with one mobile billboard or a fleet of branded vehicles! Our vending trucks can be outfitted to serve any item you wish; prepared foods, such as coffee and ice cream, to media related promotional items and accessories.

Food trucks engage potential customers through multiple channels

With the advancement of technology and social media over the years, the marketing industry has become much more cutthroat and competitive. Now more than ever, it is vital for any business in the market to set themselves apart. It is lucrative for brands to keep in the forefront of consumers' minds. Use a mobile billboard to distinguish your company or brand from the rest. A wrapped food truck will be sure to stand out and attract potential consumers.

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Product Sampling Event

Food trucks engage all the senses. Vending trucks most commonly provide food and product sampling, however that is not all. Engage potential consumers with our audio and visual accessories, digital media content capture packages, full vinyl wraps, and Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities.

Interact and Deliver to Consumers

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Free Samples Attract the Crowds

Mobile billboards have immediate impacts, allowing companies to directly interact with potential consumers, deliver product samples, and most importantly to sell its brand. At Vending Trucks, we are committed to being your best option for all your promotional and event needs. We are devoted to creating engagement and enhancing your experience to reach consumers directly. With over 9 years of outstanding service involved in sampling, vending, and wrap advertising campaigns, it is no wonder why we hold the reputation for being the one-stop fabrication and supply company to cater to all promotional marketing and mobile billboard needs.

Our rentals staff will assist you with interior and exterior accessory options to further expand your promotional capabilities. Examples include: flat panel HDTV's, electric awnings, and top of the line sound systems to attract potential consumers. Many additional options exist and we are always eager to accommodate new ideas. Big or small campaigns we are here to assist and make your promotional ideas reality.

Fleet of Mobile Billboards

Fleet of Mobile Billboards

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We have built fully customized food trucks, concession trailers, and mobile kitchens for clients ranging from small businesses and individual entrepreneurs, to Fortune 500 Companies.