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In this digital age it has become crucial for brands, marketers and advertising agencies to adapt with the times. No longer is traditional advertising tactics focusing solely on one- way communication enough. Nowadays, active consumer engagement and relationship building is at the forefront of successful marketing and advertising. One of the best ways to accomplish engaging existing and potential consumers is through promotional events, or event marketing.

According to The Rise of Experiential Marketing, while traditional marketing was based on a volume of target audience impressions, [promotional] marketing involves engaging with consumers in a manner that enables them to 'feel' the brand versus simply being exposed to it.

The major league baseball food trucks we fabricated

Mobile Marketing Fleet

Since the rise in the food truck industry, many companies have found that utilizing a food truck to launch their promotional event ideas is more successful and has more of an impact on consumers than traditional marketing styles. Using a food truck for promotional event ideas enables brands to interact directly with its target audience. By doing this, it spreads brand awareness while creating an everlasting experience and intimate connection with consumers.

But, figuring out what type of promotional event idea is best and how to organize it can be challenging and time consuming. Lucky for you, that's what we at Vending Trucks, Inc. are here for.

Promotional Event Ideas Sure to Attract Attention

Social Media Food Trucks

"A lot of the trucks are building up their brands on social media and that helps create a following" ( The State of New York Food Trucks).

Live Streaming Food Truck

Live Streaming Food Truck

Social media food trucks engage your target audience through the Internet and mobile WiFi hot-spot capabilities, giving your consumers the opportunity to follow your promotion wherever it goes. This social media strategy is a useful technique enabling consumers to actively engage and intimately interact with your brand, creating a following. By engaging fans with these social media tactics it generates brand affinity and loyalty. Camera options and live streaming gives brands the opportunity for their promotional event ideas to be shared nationwide. When adding a digital media package onto your food truck, you can keep a record of your entire promotion for marketing research purposes, future programs and much more. Using these social media options strategically will define your brand and personality.

Take a look at a social media food truck we fabricated for a promotional event campaign here.

Product Sampling Food Trucks

"An 'experience' has much more impact than an 'exposure'," says Brian Martin, senior VP- marketing and communications at Project: WorldWide, an independent global network of 11 agencies formed in 2010 that specializes in engagement marketing.

Custom Glass Display Window

Custom Glass Display Window

Product sampling trucks can be outfitted to serve any items you wish- from prepared foods to media related promotions. You can hand out free samples to attract an audience to your promotional vehicle or promote a limited edition sale or special. Our food truck specialists have fabricated and converted food trucks to mobile song booths, fashion boutiques, and even pet rescues! The possibilities for your promotional event ideas is only limited to your imagination.

If you are looking to promote a new line of product a food truck is a great way to test the market! Geo-target your desired demographic or multiple markets at once with a fleet of our branded promotional vehicles. Add a custom glass display window and it will give consumers a show case view of your products.

Merchandise/ Product Sampling Vehicles

Merchandise/ Product Sampling Vehicles

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