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A Cost Friendly and Versatile Advertising Method

Promotional truck rentals are quickly becoming the one-stop advertising method for companies and brands all over the world. Food truck marketing enables brands to directly engage with clients as well as spread the word about upcoming products, services, promotions, etc. Utilizing a food truck for promotional and advertising purposes makes it possible to bring your message to the streets.

Food Truck Marketing Event

Food Truck Marketing Event

Food truck marketing has been proven to work time and time again. The popularity of food trucks is continuing to grow each and every day. This marketing strategy that has been used by some of the top brands and Fortune 500 companies in the industry, including IKEA, Google, and McDonalds. In fact, we have even delivered trucks to Hawaii and Puerto Rico.


The prime benefit associated with promotional truck rentals

If you've done research about the food truck industry and food truck promotions than you should already know how cost effective they are compared to other advertising methods. One of the main reasons why companies and brands are attracted to promotional truck rentals is because they are affordable. Promotional trucks can be rented in bulk or separately and can be used as "mobile billboards" for as long as you need them. We encourage food truck rentals in bulk because it's a great way to hit multiple markets and geo-target specific demographics. Food truck marketing is a great way to spread your message for a budget-friendly price.

A New Approach to Marketing

Major event or festival, bring your product to the people

Food truck marketing is the new innovative and unique way to promote your client's new beverage, food, or product. Vending Trucks Incorporated will outfit a food truck with all the necessary equipment needed to prepare, store, and serve the product. Wrap your food truck in an eye-catching, graphic vinyl wrap in a way that most effectively depicts your products and services.

Aside from exposing your brand and products to thousands and thousands of people, you'll essentially be running a mobile marketing platform. Wrapping the rented food truck in your brand or logo it will be noticed while parked at any location and while traveling to and from promotional events. Our rentals staff will assist you with interior and exterior options to further expand your promotional capabilities, examples include our digital capture content package and exterior sound systems to attract potential consumers.

Why Vending Trucks

The Ideal Experiential Marketing Method

With competition as fierce as it is in today's business world, one should utilize any advantage that they can take. Food truck marketing is providing businesses and brands all around the world with the"edge" that will set them apart from the competition. Vending trucks have become a powerful branding method that incorporates all of the senses and directly engages potential customers to experience and feel a personal connection to the brand or product. View some food truck rental examples or contact a member of our vending truck rentals team today.

Fleet of Multiple Food Trucks

Fleet of Multiple Food Trucks

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We have built fully customized food trucks, concession trailers, and mobile kitchens for clients ranging from small businesses and individual entrepreneurs, to Fortune 500 Companies.