A Visual Journey Through Truck Fabrication Teaser

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Truck Fabrication Teaser

Have you ever wondered what a truck fabrication looks like? I had a moment to candidly capture one of our talented metalworkers, Benito, hard at work on our latest project.


Benito working with precision on some diamond plate.

Before the photos he told me what he feels is most important in working with metal.

"You must focus on your hands when you weld. Your hands will be the tool that lets you shape the metal to the correct form, but if you do not focus your weld will be sloppy. Be precise and you will be rewarded with beautifully joined metal. Without discipline nothing great can be accomplished. That is the secret to welding. Discipline." Benito is clearly a man who respects the power of a welding torch.

The team working together on fabricating a truck

Trucks are not made by one man, nor over night. It is a dedicated process with many individuals contributing their talents and energy to create a singular entity - your truck.

A face mask on the table for the next person that needs to weld

Safety is our top priority in the shop, and we take all precautions to ensure our artisans are well protected. Face shields and gloves can be found easily, and their use is strongly encouraged when necessary.

Sparks fly during the truck's fabrication.

I was astounded by how beautiful and intense the sparks and lights from the welds are and wanted to share some of the captivating imagery with you.

Otherworldly blue light during the truck fabrication process.

Stay tuned for more updates next week!

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