5 Reasons You Should Rent A Product Sampling Vehicle

5 Ways Product Giveaways Can Help Your Brand

1) Increased Brand Awareness

Hair Food Marketing Vehicle

Hair Food’s Product Trial Truck.

Businesses of all sizes are always trying to build more brand awareness. It’s the key to growth and survival.  Since so many businesses are out there advertising how do you make your message stand out above the rest?  How do you make that message stick around in their thoughts?

You need to get creative.  You need to do something your potential customers haven’t seen yet.

One way to make a huge impression is by going directly to them.  By giving away samples of your product from a truck on the streets you expose them to your brand on very favorable terms.  You’ll give off the impression of being friendly and generous, while providing the opportunity for consumers to ask questions about your product and give immediate feedback.

2) Customers Will Feel Obligated To Buy From You

There is a behavioral study that was conducted in 2005 by Randy Garner stating that feeling obligated to reciprocate a favor “can occur despite the fact that we may never have requested the favor in the first place.”

This means that by giving folks a taste of your product, or letting them play around with it will make them feel indebted to you.  People inherently don’t like feeling like they owe someone something so they will want to purchase a product from you to ‘even the score.’

As an example, you may have heard how Rita’s Italian Ice gives away free ices on the first day of spring.  This certainly costs them money, but while there the patrons may decide to order more ices because they already ate the freebie.  They may also decide they want to purchase some to take home with them to enjoy with their friends and family later.

As an added bonus, this kind of give-away drives more return visits, because Rita’s customers are going to associate the nice weather with going to get some Italian ices with their loved ones.  That happy memory will make them want to come back time and time again, cementing Rita’s as their brand of choice.

3) Built For Your Budget

Running a national TV or print advertising campaign is incredibly expensive.  Not every business has pockets deep enough to take that route, so they have to turn to more cost effective options.  Consider a custom wrapped product sampling vehicle campaign.  It can be had for a fraction of the cost of a traditional media campaign.

You’re able to effectively track how many engagements and impressions your product is garnering because it’s happening in the real world.  Your brand ambassadors serve as your eyes and ears, reporting back how many samples they gave out, and what your customers are saying about your product.

This lets you justify your marketing spend in ways you never thought possible.

Fandango Movie Truck

Fandango’s Free Movie Ticket Truck.

4) Word Of Mouth

The best advertising in the world costs nothing.  That advertising is word of mouth.

A Journal of Marketing article states that people are 15-20% more likely to talk about & recommend your product or service to their friends and family if they receive a freebie from you.

And the best way to give out lots of freebies?  A product sampling vehicle.

It provides you with mobility since it’s a truck, allowing you visit multiple locations – or even a nation-wide tour!  It looks safe and credible since it will be wrapped in your branding, with friendly brand ambassadors gleefully giving out your product.  It even educates consumers on your product since you can use this opportunity to hand out pamphlets or play informative videos on TV screens mounted outside the truck.

5) Product Sampling Feedback

La Croix Drink Truck

La Croix’s Drink Sampling Vehicle.

Remember, if you’re giving away something for free, people are generally going to be more than happy to answer any questions you have about that freebie.

This kind of hyper local advertising lets you really get in touch with your demographics.  Use this opportunity to learn what your customers like and hate about your product or service.

That perception is what’s truly important in building a brand.

You may also discover a completely untapped demographic that loves your product, further increasing your sales and brand’s reach.

By Mike | March 30, 2016 |